Indian Barn Owl conservation

We are also working on barn owl conservation,
our changing lifestyle destroying the habitats of these large nocturnal birds,
lets give them nest boxes. Cost 3000/Rs plus courier/transport charges.
Dr. Jawale C.S.

barn owl nest box closed view

Barn owl nest box open view

At present there is no government body in India is working on the conservation of Indian barn owls.
Even no established NGO is there to help you,
We “ Hirval foundation” working to create awareness of Barn owl conservation in Indian peoples.
We had collaboration with the Barn Owl Trust, Austrialia.
We made some Bar owl nest and installed them in various Farms,
Result are promising,
All of them get nested soon,
Some are used thrice and some only once,
Might be due to unavailability of their food.
The most interesting fact is
Barn owl require lots of (more than 50 Mice per Night) mice to feed their developing owlte’s.
Result in vanishing mice and rats from your farm, or Factory.

If you install these nest in your factory or company,
You don’t have to worry about pigeons.
They will run off,

Owl pray on Pigeon’s young ones.

If you are looking for this....

Pigeon Control Spikes‎

Pigeon Menace Bird Spikes

Bird control

Feral PigeonFeral pigeons, also called city doves, city pigeons, or street pigeons, are derived from domestic pigeons that have returned to the wild. Wikiped
Scientific name: Columba livia

 Here fix Owl nest around and pigeons will vanish
You can ask us for Barn owl nest,
or You can make your own,
check this web for help 

But if it is for Indian Barn owl, make the entry hole wide by 1 inch from all the sides.